Refund and Return Policy

1. Plants Damaged Upon Delivery Guarantee

At The Ruby Plants, our priority is your satisfaction. If you find any issues with the quality of your plants upon delivery, please notify us via email within 24 hours for prompt assistance and investigation. We are committed to replacing or providing a substitute, excluding delivery charges, for validated claims. If the desired item is out of stock, you may opt to wait for its availability or choose a substitute plant. Please note that slight variations in plant height and shape due to seasonal changes may occur. Thus, replacements or substitutions based solely on these discrepancies from online photos cannot be accommodated. Rest assured, we carefullly select and dispatch healthy plants that meet our advertised standards.

2. One Year Warranty

Achieving a 100% survival rate for living things like plants is impossible. If the plants fail within one year despite following the care instructions provided on our website, we will offer to replace them for half of the current retail price. Replacement is limited to one time only. We may also request a plant and soil sample for analysis to verify the cause of plant failure. Please note that if the plants were exposed to unsuitable conditions,our guarantee will not apply. Refunds are not offered for orders; however, replacements are available if the criteria for warranty coverage are fulfilled. Any claims must be submitted within one year from the date of delivery.

3. Exceptions

Our warranty excludes damages resulting from weather, pests, or improper planting circumstances. In cases of significant losses, plant and soil examinations may be requested.

4. Disclaimer

The Ruby Plants disclaims any additional warranties beyond those specified. The remedy for issues is limited to replacements up to the original purchase price. The Ruby Plants is not liable for damages exceeding the plant’s purchase price. For any inquiries or clarification regarding our Returns and Refunds Policy, feel free to contact us.
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