Lilly Pilly Select Syzygium Australe


The Lilly Pilly Select, or Syzygium australe, offers lush foliage. Ideal for hedging, thrives in full sun to part shade, moderate watering. Chosen for its dense growth, it reaches a max height of 600 cm (236 inches), perfect for outdoor screening.

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Meet the Lilly Pilly Select, scientifically known as Syzygium australe, a versatile and robust plant that enhances outdoor spaces with its lush foliage and dense growth. Here are the top three reasons why plant enthusiasts opt for this versatile shrub:

  1. Dense and Lush Foliage: The Lilly Pilly Select captivates with its dense and vibrant foliage, creating a lush and green outdoor landscape. Its compact growth and evergreen nature make it a favored choice for those seeking privacy or an aesthetically pleasing hedge or screen.
  2. Versatile Outdoor Application: Embraced for its versatility, this plant serves multiple outdoor purposes. Whether used as a decorative hedge, boundary screening, or to create private outdoor spaces, its dense growth and ability to withstand pruning make it an ideal choice for various outdoor settings.
  3. Low-Maintenance Appeal: The Lilly Pilly Select requires minimal maintenance, thriving in full sun to part shade conditions. Its adaptability to different soil types and resistance to pests make it an easy-to-care-for shrub, ensuring a vibrant and flourishing outdoor display with minimal effort.

Outdoor Care Tips: Hedging and Screening:

  • Light: Thrives in full sun to part shade.
  • Watering: Water deeply during dry spells, allowing the soil to dry slightly between watering sessions.
  • Fertilizer: Apply a balanced slow-release fertilizer in spring and summer.
  • Pruning: Prune to shape and maintain desired height. Regular pruning encourages dense growth ideal for hedging and screening.

With these care instructions, your Lilly Pilly Select will thrive, offering a stunning and low-maintenance solution for hedging and screening, transforming your outdoor space into a private and verdant oasis.

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200mm, 300mm, 300mmXL


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