Aglaonema Pretty Woman


Aglaonema Pretty Woman / / 30cm tall / 20cm pot / HOLLAND PARK WEST

$39ea /

Pretty in Pink, Easy as Green: Meet the Aglaonema Pretty Woman!

Reasons: (3 quick bullets)

Blush Beauty: Stunning pink leaves with emerald splashes, brighten any corner.
Low-Maintenance Love: No drama, thrives in neglect! Occasional water, happy plant.
Purify Your Paradise: Cleans air, boosts mood, brings good vibes, naturally!
Care Tip: Water when soil feels dry (not soggy!), enjoy bright, indirect light. That’s it! #therubyplants

Pick up 146 Sterculia Avenue, Holland Park West QLD 4121

9am-7pm Mon-Fri & 10am-7pm Sat-Sun, appointment-based.
Delivery around Brisbane within 1-3 days with a small fee available / Uber or courier pickup arranged by buyers.

ABN: 96 386 685 049

Plant height is measured from the ground base.
Decorative pot in photos (if any) is not included in the price.
Payment: Cash / bank transfer via osko or mobile number (payid) / Eftpos / PayPal

Pot size

200mm, 200mmXL, 250mm, 250mmXL


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