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Hello there

We are Jade and Simon from The Ruby Plants.

Coming from a city where concrete dominated the landscape, we found ourselves needing a breath of fresh air. The scorching sun beat down on us relentlessly, leaving us longing for the shade of trees and the beauty of plants. 

Our lives took a beautiful turn when we had the opportunity to visit Australia where we were amazed by green landscapes and the cool breeze which made us realize and value the beauty of nature.

We fell in love with the green way of life in Australia. We saw how plants could transform spaces, both indoors and outdoors, into places of peace and natural beauty.

Sharing this feeling with their fellow Australians became our mission.

Driven by passion, we opened The Ruby Plants. Our vision was to provide healthy and stunning foliage indoor plants and outdoor plants and trees for transforming indoor spaces, landscaping and gardening projects. We wanted to create a corner where plant enthusiasts, gardeners, business owners, and garden contractors across Australia could find inspiration and the tools to create their own green space.

At The Ruby Plants, we handpicked every plant, ensuring they were healthy, vibrant, and ready to bring life to any space. We believed everyone should have access to various plants with affordable prices and awesome service by sharing our knowledge and passion with each customer.

Thank you

Kind regards

Jade & Simon from https://therubyplants.com.au

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